How will she manage to exit the EU if she cannot exit her own car?

This the main question everyone asks after the yesterday’s embarrassing episode with Theresa May locked in her car right in front of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel waiting her on the red carpet. The politico commentators even came to comparison with a panzerwagen suggesting that it wouldn’t open the door till it arrives to Poland and added a joke about Wagner. It could be funny in spite of it’s cynicism. But it’s quite astonishing that a popular media resource encourages such extremist comments.

All in all many took this case for some sign for the United Kingdom expecting BREXIT

Jamal Khashoggi was sawed alife

The CNN has published a translated transcript of audio recording made during killing Khashoggi, a columnist for the Washington Post.

It’s really awful even to read this. Also it characterizes Turkish authorities as great trolls, very skilled both at loosening tongues and hype. It seems that Turkey resembles a medieval headsman extorting the admission of guilt from the Saudi Arabia drip by drip. At that rate, Saudis will send murderers in irons soon.

Harsh suppression of Yellow Vests protests in France

Tear gas, hundreds of detained protesters, metal balls flying into the crowd of unarmed people. It is hard to imagine that it’s been happening in the heart of the Cradle of Revolution right now.

This year the white French made immigrants to give them place for riots on the Parisian streets. Some observers speak about Russian provocation. Some are inclined to blame Trump. But this is the most global unbiased explanation among all.

Sad but true. And the European security forces have been unable to fight the lawlessness brought by immigrants. But they compensate that working off on their co-nationals.